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House Hunting Viewing 4.1

No new pictures yet, but more information about the condo.

The closing date is in mid March. My current apartment lease goes through late April so for the first time in a few years I won't have a hectic move. Probably.

Moving to the east coast wasn't really hectic, except for packing the last few boxes while the movers loaded everything into a truck, but I'm looking forward to not having to drive across country and live with a minimal set of stuff while the truck makes its way. This time I can load up a vehicle, drive an hour, unload, and potentially make a second trip the same day. Much more akin to my move from Seattle to Olympia but without having to also commute to work each day.

The inspection came back with no serious issues. Radon test came back at 1.8 pCi/L, below EPA action levels (4 pCi/L) so that's a plus. I booked the same inspector as I had on the third house. He recognized me and at the end of the inspection made a good natured joke about how he hopes we don't meet again for a few years.

I have contacted a real estate attorney to go over the purchase & sale agreement, hash out some things with the condo association, etc. and I'm gathering together the down payment and closing costs.

I haven't yet sat down to build an estimated floor plan (since the listing and other documents I've seen so far don't include one) and plan out where I might put furniture, but I probably will soon. I also haven't started packing yet.

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